(Patent 1256179) SNCF Approval N° 15035
It is a small camera on an isolating telescopic pole to inspect catenaries and electric traction installations without any Operation Restriction Request.
This product was the winner of Innovation Sustainable Development Awards (infrastructure) during SIFER exhibition 2011 in Lille.


CAMEROV® VISIOCAT© and its additional modules : LAS’CAT & DEFLECTION (Patent 1256179) SNCF Approval N° 15035


visiocat las'cat


A laser telemeter module is clipped on one side of camera VISIOCAT© instead of one of the 2 positioning fork
Motorized telemeter is piloted by SOFTCAT software and allows to look at a point in the field of camera
Then SOFTCAT defines distance of the element pointed relative to the camera
It also knows amplitude of the zoom and it is able to deduce the dimensions of an object lying at the same distance as the target point.
Measurement is done on a photo on the same principle than current measurement on CAMEROV© VISIOCAT©.
Distance accuracy : +/- 2 mm
Range of telemeter is about 80 meters
Measurement accuracy depends on :
distance of element to be measured
preliminary calibration of the device
This accuracy will be effective only on elements situated in a perpendicular plan of the camera axis
It is possible to make the measurement :
with pre-positions (existing CAMEROV© VISIOCAT©). In that case accuracy may be optimal :
0,2 % of the distance. For example from 1 mm to 50 cm or from 2 mm to 1 m out of pre-position. In that case operator adjusts zoom and accuracy will be less : approximately 5 mm from a distance from 1 m or 25 mm to 5 m

Deflection module

deflection module

Rail deflection measurement for assessing its penetration to the passage of a train or tram etc.


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